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PX4 Release 1.6.0

By May 27, 2017June 6th, 2017Announcements

PX4 v1.6.0 requires a recent version of QGroundControl for the best user experience, currently available as “daily build” here.

New Hardware Support

  • Crazyflie v2
  • FMUv4 PRO (Prototype donation and manufacturing: Drotek)
  • FMUv5 (Prototype donation and manufacturing: Team Blacksheep)

New Features

  • New .ulg uLog logging format which directly logs uORB topics and offers more accurate time stamping. Supported in FlightPlot.
  • New web-graphing engine for .ulg:
  • Easier to use camera triggering
  • Basic support for real-time camera triggering feedback
  • Support for survey flights (multicopter and fixed wing) with intuitive UI
  • Temperature calibration and compensation (gyro, accel, mag, baro)
  • Support for MAVLink and PWM controlled gimbals
  • Support for generic helicopters and Blade 130 mixer @bartslinger
  • Fixedwing acro and rattitude flight modes

Major Upgrades

  • EKF2 Robustness
  • Tremendously better user experience on Snapdragon Flight
  • Better user experience on Aero
  • Hardening against marginal GPS reception
  • Hardening against mag observability issues
  • NuttX Update to a recent release
  • STM32F7 support
  • Change default to use the new ULog logging format supporting zoomable graphing
  • Significant reduction in RAM usage on STM32

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Critical bugfixes in magnetometer calibration routine preventing a race condition @mhkabir
  • Improvements for FMUv3 / Pixhawk 2.1 HW support @mhkabir
  • Improvements for UAVCAN motor control and parameter transfer @eyeam3
  • Cleanup of PWM output driver, easier user-configuration of OneShot
  • More reliable reboot of Pixracer boards
  • Log tasks low on stack @AndreasAntener
  • Prevent overshooting of landing waypoints on VTOLS by calculating the acceptance radius based on ground speed @sanderux
  • Prevent takeoff in loiter mode when vehicle is on the ground and wait on transition to mission mode @julianoes
  • Improved robustness and reliability of land detector
  • Fix offboard attitude setpoint overwrite from RC channels @aivian
  • Add ground truth tests to SITL Gazebo CI @jgoppert
  • Disable the safety switch by default on Pixracer @LorenzMeier
  • Use ellipsoid instead of sphere fitting in magnetometer calibration @bugobliterator
  • Introduction of the event module @bkueng
  • Temperature calibration for IMU and barometric sensors @bugobliterator @priseborough
  • Don’t allow arming in low battery condition @LorenzMeier
  • Enable takeoff and landing with just local position (e.g. flow) @ChristophTobler
  • Add fixed-wing acro mode @AndreasAntener
  • Trigger quadchute on maximum roll and pitch angles to prevent stalling or actuation problems like reversed ailerons/elevons @sanderux
  • Add fast EKF2 replay for new ulog format @bkueng
  • UAVCAN performance audit @pavel-kirienko
  • Add preflight, postflight perf counters and process usage to ULog @bkueng
  • Improve VTOL standard transition improvements
  • Fix PX4 build on Windows platforms @MaEtUgR
  • Improve multicopter takeoff and landing in altitude controlled flight modes
  • Support for multiple UAVs in SITL simulation @mzahana
  • Fixedwing offboard control mode improvements
  • Fixedwing throttle scaling with battery voltage @sander
  • VTOL land improved back transition waypoint accuracy
  • TECS height rate feed forward fixed
  • Fixedwing loiter to altitude landing improved predictibility @natorgator


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